About Me

I am Jérémy Cohen aka "JECO", photographer and traveler. I am guided by freedom, the desire to travel the world, meet people, discover landscapes and take photos... full time.

After living all my life in Paris, I decided to leave in early 2017 to live my dream: to live more or less long and according to my will in different cities. My goal for the moment is not to have any geographical attachment and to live from my passions, photography and travel.

Freedom is a fundamental notion that is unique to everyone, it is not a question of doing this or that, it is a matter of allowing oneself and giving oneself the ways to live as we wish, despite the internal brakes and external influences.

That's why on my website you will find content about photography, travel but also the freedom to be oneself.

And do not forget that: "We have two lifes, and the second begins when we realize we have only one." Confucius.