Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Object

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, "TAC") establish the contractual relationship between the website JECO PHOTO edited by ALL DIGITAL TIME OÜ (hereinafter, the "Site") accessible at the address https://www.jecophoto.com and any consumer of the Site (hereinafter, the "Customer") purchasing one or more digital products or services.


Article 2 - Different products and services

The Site offers for sale:
- Licensed digital photographs copyrighted by JECO
- Digital files dealing with various subjects
- Online courses
- Lightroom presets
- Photography services


Article 3 - Order

Whatever the product or digital service, the order is made in a very simplified way. The Customer enters his/her eMail address in the field provided for this purpose and after validation of the form, the Customer is redirected to the payment platform.


Article 4 - Payment

Payment is made via the secure online payment platform PAYPAL which will be the only one to process the Customer's banking information. The Site does not process or store the Customer's bank details.


Article 5 - Members Area

The validation of the payment has the effect of the total acceptance of the TAC described here as well as the creation from the eMail address provided of a member access in the members area in order to allow the Customer to find his/her digital products and / or services . The Customer may then provide his/her name and surname information to the Site and is advised to change the password generated randomly.


Article 6 - Claims and Litigation

The Customer is free to address a complaint to the Site through the contact form or by sending an eMail directly to the address contact [at] jecophoto [dot] com. In case of dispute, the Site undertakes to find a fair way to answer to the Customer's request in order to satisfy it at best.


Article 7 - Intellectual Property

The photos, texts, videos, the domain name as well as all the elements present on the Site are subject to the rights of the intellectual property and belong exclusively to the Site, any reproduction, total or partial, use or modification is strictly prohibited.


Article 8 - Copyright

Photographs proposed for online sale in digital format are subject to copyright, JECO is the only one to have the benefits of these copyrights and assigns his copyrights under no circumstances.

The licenses of use sold and delivered as follows:
- License 1: private / personal use, without geographical or duration limitation
- License 2: commercial / professional use, without geographical or duration limitation
- License EX : exclusive use, without geographical or duration limitation

All licenses also include the obligation to keep photographs as they are, no processing, reframing and any changes are permitted.
If the photograph is the object of one or more publications, the Customer has the obligation to credit the author and his website as follows: "JECO www.jecophoto.com".


Article 9 - General Provisions

If any article of these TAC proves to be null by decision of justice, the said article will be regarded as not-written and will not entail the nullity of the other articles of the TAC.


Article 10 - Contact

For any request concerning the Site, a digital product or service, the TAC, an order or any other request, the Customer may contact the Site via the contact form or by sending an eMail directly to the address contact [at] jecophoto [dot] com.